Damin Spritzer, Organist
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“…Damin Spritzer embraces the style fully, demonstrating a highly sophisticated knack for rubato, phrasing (making full use of the many enclosures), and a vast range of legatos and über-legatos...both the organ and organist are class acts.”  -Choir & Organ

“…this is a legitimate “period performance” in every way…the playing is expressive and musical, and she has a fine ear for color…Decidedly enjoyable – a recording I’ll return to...”  -American Record Guide 

“With Spritzer’s research into this music and her consummate performance abilities, one hopes to hear more of this music on further recordings and in concert performances.” -The Diapason

“…Spritzer plays with enormous sensitivity and musicianship…the music comes alive under her touch! …This recording is a delight as it gives the world some beautiful music, sensitively played on a glorious organ.” -AAM Journal

“Magnificent account of the complex organ score by Ms. Spritzer.” -American Record Guide

 “…Spritzer jumps right into the action with an assured confidence and refined musicality that quite simply reinforces the high level of craftmanship and beauty inherent to the music of composer René Louis Becker...The opening Toccata in B-flat alone, which could easily intimidate many organists with its agitated left-hand and busy pedal work, moves forward at quite a pace under Spritzer's command, and thus reveals its determined musical lines all leading to a powerful finish…her choice of registration for the softly tender Cantilène, Op. 63 demonstrates an organist who knows how to balance colors on a sonic canvas… Both volumes belong on the shelves of all organ music enthusiasts.” -Classical Music Sentinel

“Spritzer’s performance of seven works of Becker is stylish and assured…She uses the full resources of the Pithiviers organ with complete élan.” -The Tracker

“Damin Spritzer serves both instrument and music well, alert to the music’s lyrical mien and harmonic muscle, negotiating the III/49 machine with an easy command of drama and a real feeling for Becker’s melody-led, cleanly-executed music…A second volume is eagerly awaited.” -Choir & Organ magazine

“…Damin Spritzer drives the music along with plenty of forward momentum which adds a singing quality to the melodic lines and an assured rhythmic movement to the toccatas and marches...the final glorious chord of the Marche Triomphale will make you glad you’re alive.”  -Classical Music Sentinel

“Spritzer is to be commended for her commitment and dedication to this music. She gives spirited and vigorous performances on the magnificent 1880 Cavaillé-Coll organ in Orléans, France….the recorded sound is outstanding.” -American Record Guide

“…elegantly assured.”  -Dallas Morning News

“This second installment in Damin Spritzer’s enterprising rehabilitation of the prolific but largely-unknown [Becker] comes an attention-sapping three years after the first volume. Happily, it’s been worth the wait.” -Choir & Organ